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27 Mar
What Does a Memorandum of Understanding Signify? A memorandum of understanding or MoU is an agreement, which may be multilateral or bilateral, between two or more parties. It is an expression the intentions and relations between the respective parties. It indicates a line of action that is common between the parties dealing with off-plan projects or otherwise. It is usually…
27 Mar
No Objection Certificates: A Legal Perspective No Objection Certificate, or NOCs, are legal documents that are issued by any individual, organization, agency or institute to signify that there is no objections to the covenants of the issued certificate. It is required by most government departments in Dubai Companies and No Objection Certificate For example: Mr. Z from Dubai liquidates his…
27 Mar
Dubai Properties Group for Real Estate Development DPG is considered one of the largest and fully integrated real estate development organizations in Dubai. Dubai Properties Group deals with residential and commercial properties including staff accommodation and retail property management. They focus on the creation of a wide range of properties which are excellent in quality and have a great deal…


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