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Blocking Properties In the Dubai Real Estate Sector

Dubai Property Registration Transfer Blocking

Blocking properties is an essential part of real estate development. If you are looking for property to rent or purchase, Mubayaa will help you arrange the transaction. Our team of expert property counselors and advisors will manage everything related to your property requirements.

The legal terms involved in Blocked Property Transfer

The property blocking deal happens between the landlord and the financer which is used for obtaining full ownership of the rented property after the completion of the installments. It is also used by the financers looking to terminate the deal before the completion of the terms and obligations involved in the development of the deal from both parties.

The transfer of property ownership is dealt with through registering the sales or purchases made during the property deals.

The Secure Property Process Deal

Services such as blocking property transfer help in transfering chunks of property from the buyer to other real estate stakeholders. We keep a stock of rental apartments, and our team of experts deal with property related issues such as sale or purchase of property in the field.

Availability of Blocking Properties Services

It is necessary that the finalized deals are genuine and done in good faith. With the help of our services it becomes easy to obtain the property of your choice. Once you have the required legal documents, you can rest assured that further dealings will be completed quickly and efficiantly.


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