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27 Mar

No Objection Certificate in Dubai

No Objection Certificates: A Legal Perspective

No Objection Certificate, or NOCs, are legal documents that are issued by any individual, organization, agency or institute to signify that there is no objections to the covenants of the issued certificate. It is required by most government departments in Dubai

Companies and No Objection Certificate

For example: Mr. Z from Dubai liquidates his business and wants to take the name of the company off the Dubai company name register. In order to do that, he is required to prove that the company in question does not owe any taxes to the government. So, he sets out on his task. He writes to the appropriate authorities in the Department of Revenue that he needs a certificate that states that all taxes have been duly paid by the company according to the records. Once they check the record, the Department of Revenue sends back a certificate of no objection stating that they have no reason to object the de-registration of Mr.Z's comapny.

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