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If you are a mortgagor and willing to transfer your mortgage from a bank to another party, then mortgage registration services is what you need. We offer affordable mortgage registration discharge services to our clients. This service enables our clients to send request for registration of adjustments, including change in the value and period of mortgage plus the total area and name mentioned in the mortgage agreement.

Our service charges are decided on the basis of estimation of the property and the mortgage contract. We work with some experts to ensure that the job is done in lesser time. If you feel it is the right time for you to request mortgage registration on a deferred sale, we may help. Call us or write to us to make a request.

Documents Required for Islamic Mortgage Ijara

However, requesting transfer for Islamic Mortgage Ijara wouldn’t be enough to fast track the procedure. We require some essential documents to support your request and to work accordingly.

  • The original title deed
  • A copy of the passport from the owner
  • A mortgage letter
  • Original and three copies of the mortgage contract that shows the below: Important property data, Identity proof or the name of the owner, The initial mortgage amount, Start date and end date of the mortgage.

On the basis of these documents our experts perform a thorough analysis followed by the procedure. We do not take the whole day to process your registration request. As we aim at offering quick services, our professionals make sure to process the mortgage registration in less than an hour. We take pride in offering first degree mortgage transfer solutions to our clients.

Our First Degree Mortgage Service Charges

Our land Department fees vary between sellers and buyers. For seller we charge 2% of the mortgage selling value along with Dhs.10. Although we charge the same percentage of money from the buyer, they are also liable to pay Dhs. 350 in case the real estate property is a flat or a villa. However, for the issuing title deed in case of villas or flats we charge Dhs.250, whereas for acceleration of the plan we charge Dhs.250 plus Dhs.30 as knowledge fees.

In case of mortgage release of land, we charge Dhs.380. For the same, we charge Dhs.250 for the issue of title deed, Dhs.100 for acceleration plan and Dhs.30 as knowledge fee.


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