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Donation/Gift Registration Services in Dubai

Dubai Property Registration Transfer Donation

Donating a property or passing it on to a family member at some point is a part of the real estate plannfor most property owners in Dubai. Both require registration for official transfer of ownership. Mubayaa aims to delivering the transferred title deed to its clients in less than 30 minutes from the registry of request. Our property registration service involves documenting transfers in favour of our clients so that they are free to assign properties to anybody, and have it archived officially.

Through our gift registration service, you may pass over the rights of ownership of your real estate asset to your parent, next of kin, spouse or children. Once the grant is sanctioned, the asset shall be subjected to no legal restrictions, whether granted or owned.

Prerequisites for Property Transfer as a Gift in Dubai Service

  • Title deed
  • VES (Value Estimation Certificate)
  • NOC for ownership-free properties
  • Proof of date of birth
  • Proof of relationship with the grantee or receiver
  • Passport
  • Visa (for expats)
  • Emirates ID
  • Trading license
  • Power of attorney
  • Incumbency certificate
  • Ratio and party pages
  • Certificate of memorandum of association

As for the citizens of Dubai, a Declaration of Grant from Dubai court is mandatory, coupled with a letter of transfer. A letter has to be sent to the director general making clear mention of the transfer and the reasons for the same, whatsoever. Approval of the same is mandated for the process.

Itemized Charges for UAE registration gift Service

Our services charges are marginally and fiscally different for property transfer registration services. We make a value estimation of the property, professionally by experts, and charge 0.125% only of the gross amount to register a donation in Dubai. For deed issuance, our charge is AED 250. Map issuance and knowledge surcharge are charged separately. Most of the expenses incurred depend on the estimated worth of the property on the market during the time of the transfer.

Once you submit the documents to us, we process the registration request from the new owner with the Dubai Land Department. Your registration, whether it is to transfer property from husband to wife in Dubai or from grandparents to their descendents, will not process through an entire day, but in less than an hour. We also offer to drop your title at our client’s office, in case they cannot afford to wait.


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