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Dubai Property Registration Transfer

When considering transferring property to your spouse, children, relatives or even selling it to someone else, a sales deed might not always be appropriate. To know what exactly you need to receive the transferred title in minimum time, contact us. We, Mubayaa, is one of the reputed real estate registration trustee in Dubai, dedicated to transfer ownership of property in less than half an hour. Our property registration transfer service enables registration of request for property transfer in Dubai from a person to an authority or vice versa.

If you are looking for a property registration trustee, you can rely on our services. Our highly qualified professionals offer client-friendly services at affordable prices. Aside from assisting you in transferring the ownership, they also offer consultation related to your property transfer.

Documents Required for Property Registration Transfer

  • Original title deed
  • MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)
  • A copy of passport of the seller and buyer, preferably non-coloured
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the property developer
  • Original and a photocopy of the trading license
  • Original plus copy of the owner’s passport
  • Original plus copy of the power of attorney
  • A copy of the attorney’s passport
  • No Objection Certificate from developer
  • Trading license
  • Original and copy of the Parties and the Ratios page
  • Original and copy of MOU including a translated Arabic version
  • Incumbency certificate
  • Trading license
  • MoU translated into Arabic
  • For offshore buyers we need a No Objection Certificate from free zone
  • Incumbency certificate

Note: Companies operating in the free zones of UAE, outside of Dubai require to have a registered license.

Our Selling Property in Dubai Fees Structure

The land department charges 4% from the property selling value plus 10 AED as knowledge fee. Also, they charge the following:

  • 250 AED for issuing the title deed
  • 100 AED for issuing land map
  • 30 AED as knowledge fee for all the payments

They may also charge 250 AED if the real estate selling property in Dubai is a villa or an apartment.

Why Consider Property Registration Trustee in Dubai?

We believe that you should understand the purpose of drafting the documents while opting for property registration transfer. Our professionals therefore offer consultation to ensure that you are fully aware about the ins and outs of transfer of ownership. With our services our property registration job will not continue an entire day as we ensure that the work is accomplished within 30 minutes.


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