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Ejara: Lease to Own in Dubai

Dubai Property Registration Transfer Ejara

The concept behind lease to own (Ejara) services is to facilitate more effortless real estate transfers betweem owners and financers in order to obtain the property's full ownership upon the completion of installmentses.

Verification of the Deal

To take part in Ejara, you will need an original deed title along with an Emirates ID which serves as a proof of your location and citizenship, a no objection certification from the organization as well as other documents such as a sales agreement certificate and a letter from the financier or bank involved.

The Tenets Involved

The system behind mortage registration services in Dubai has been developed by RERA in order to aid the registration of the lease. It aids the owners and real estate management sectors in transfering rights. As the UAE mortage registers, we provide customized services for the transfer of property as well as dealing with Dubai authorities.

Our Fee Structures

Our service fees structure is based on the rules and guidelines laid down by the government. You can get all the details from ejara information in Dubai.

  • The fees involved with the Dubai Land Department include:
  • Two percent of the whole real estate deal from the seller is taken by the company.
  • It is the same two percent which are taken from the seller.
  • A currency of 2000 Dirhams needs to be paid beforehand.

The owner should have the paid receipt for the financial transaction and payment done to the company. It is easy and you can own the property after finishing all the payments mentioned above.


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