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Growth of Real Estate Prospects with Dubai Land Development

The establishment of Dubai Land Development in 1960 was to safeguard the land and property rights of Dubai. The tenets of the establishment provide a varied range of real estate services and look after the sales transactions and registrations in details. It falls under the supervision of Dubai Executive Council and manages business transactions in a safe and secure manner eliminating all threats to the property and land resources of the state. It also goes into the execution of the rules and regulations as laid down by the government in terms of sale and purchase of property in Dubai.

Dubai Land Development: Emergence of Real Estate

The first and the foremost reward of the Dubai Land Development has been the establishment and high boom of the real estate hubs and centers in the country. The venture of real estate has received huge progress in the Middle East with profitable business deals and related economical developments. Getting encouragement from the high rates of growth, the establishment seeks to be the pioneer of land development and real estate infrastructure in the country and the world. The promotion and expansion of departments such as Real Estate Regulation, Real Estate Investment Management & Promotion Center, Rental Dispute Settlement Center, and the Dubai Real estate Institute seek to cover all the tenets of real estate in terms of regulation of rules, investments, judiciary and education.

Network of Services in Dubai Land Development

Along with reliable services such as registration and titling to the customers, the departments of Dubai Land Development seek to provide further services which will enhance the prospects of real estate business in the state. The active involvement in the development of the legal issues of the sate when it comes to real estate is managed well. It helps in the organization and promotion of real estate investment and distribution of the knowledge about real estate in the country.

Focus of Dubai Land Development

The focus of the real estate development firm is to make Dubai a leader in real estate at the global level, attracting investors from foreign shores and nationalities. All the activities of the firm focus on giving the investors a great investing environment at international standards which help in the growth of the business and its contribution to the economy and the market. It looks forward to a sustainable development of the society and the upcoming business ventures of the state. With the help of concrete foundations and strategies, the Dubai Land Development has gained valuable business and profit sectors for the state.


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